Request a fit note (sick note)

A fit note is a written statement from your doctor. It says if you're fit to work or not.

It's also sometimes called a 'sick note'.

If you're off for seven days or less

You usually do not need a fit note if you’re off work sick for seven days or less.

However, check your employer's policy on this. It should say how many days you can be off sick before you need to give proof from your doctor.

It should be enough to give proof yourself when you go back to work. This is called 'self-certification'.

Self-certification forms

When you go back to work you may need to fill in a self-certification form.

This includes things like:

  • details about your sickness or illness
  • the date your sickness started
  • the date your sickness ended

These dates may include days you do not normally work, for example a weekend or bank holiday.

Some employers have their own self-certification form. If yours does not, use HMRC: Employees Statement of Sickness on GOV.UK.

Charges when off for seven days of less

You may have to pay if you get a fit note when you're off sick for seven days or less. To find out more, please ask at reception or go to the NHS website guidance on fit notes.

If you're off for more than seven days

If you’re off work sick for more than seven days, your employer will usually ask you to get a fit note from your doctor.

The note can say that:

  • you are ‘not fit for work’
  • you ‘may be fit for work’

The seven days include days that you don’t normally work. So when you work out how long you’ve been off sick, include weekends and bank holidays.

Charges when off for more than seven days

You do not have to pay for a fit note if you're off sick for more than seven days.

Request a fit note

If you need a fit note select the link below.

If you're getting hospital treatment, ask for one from the doctor at your hospital.

We may ask you to make an appointment, either in person or on the phone.